29 August 2008

A story to tell

Hi, I'm Anna and I have celiac disease.

I was diagnosed half a year ago. I wasn't prepared at all.
I mourned for a couple of days. Then I realised. I have a diagnosis. I finally know what's making me sick. All I have to do is stick to a gluten-free diet. And I started to learn.

You know, I have never been a good cook. I cooked just because I was hungry. When I realised that I have to start cooking to be well fed, I just did. And I realised that I simply love it. I am learning to make everything from scratch. There have been a few disasters. And there certainly will be more cooking disasters to come. But I'm learning.

I'm not sad anymore. Well, sometimes I am. When I pass a pizzeria and the smell hits me. I allow myself to be sad for a little while. And then I go home and make myself a fine pizza.

So I'd like to take you on a journey. My journey. How I started to live well, gluten-free. How I am learning to live well, gluten-free. I hope you'd like to come with me.

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