25 March 2009

Les Galettes

After reading Pimping My Crêpes from David Lebovitz' blog, I just had to make galettes. I've always been a fan of crêpes, sweet or savory, and learning that traditional galettes are just made out of buckwheat flour and are therefore gluten-free got me really excited!
I must admit though that right after going gluten-free I couldn't stand the taste of buckwheat flour. Fortunately, my taste has changed quite a bit and I've learned to love food that I really disliked before. But that's another story. Nowadays I love the nutty flavour of buckwheat and even my non-gluten-free boyfriend enjoyed these galettes.
You actually don't need a recipe. I prepared the batter according to the instructions the guys at Breizh Cafe gave David Lebovitz which you can read here. All you need is buckwheat flour, salt and water.
For frying heat a bit of olive oil (but not too much - you don't want to deep-fry the galettes) in a special frying pan for crêpe (I'm sure any other frying pan will do as well) and add about one laddle (depending of the size of your pan) of batter. Then smooth the batter with a rake evenly in a circle.

After about one to two minutes flip the galette over to fry the other side. Add now the filling for the galette. You can use about anything you would like to add to your galette. We used some feta, herbs, mozzarella cheese and some ham. Eggs would be great with galette, too.
You can also make a sweet version and use jam or chocolate. We actually saved our last galette for a sweet one with chocolate and it was so delicious!

When it's done flap the edges over to form a square. Eat immediately while preparing the next galette. Repeat until the batter is used up. Serves two. Enjoy!

Sorry for my long absence. I got addicted to this 3000 pieces puzzle and spent every spare minute finishing it...

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