29 June 2009

Stockholm glutenfri

... and I woke up and found myself in gluten-free heaven.

Yesterday I went to McDonalds and bought myself a cheese burger. A gluten-free cheese burger. Actually, it is possible to get a gluten-free bun for ever burger you like. But I went for a cheese burger. I've never thougth that a cheese burger can make me so happy.

I've heard that it is quite easy to get gluten-free food in Sweden. But trust me, you have to experience this yourself. I'm attending a conference in Stockholm this week and gluten-free life has never been easier. During the morning break there are gluten-free rolls waiting for me (the best gluten-free rolls I've ever had), every restaurant at the fair has gluten-free options and in the afternoon there are gluten-free muffins or cinnamon rolls available. Today three different menues were offered for lunch and I could eat ALL of them! They are even gluten-free appetizers available! The best thing though: You don't have to explain. It's always the same answer: Glutenfri? No problem. Just two minutes. I go and get you something.

Breakfast has never been easier. Can you see the bread, the muffin, the cookies and the cinnamon roll in the picture above? All gluten-free. I was actually meant to eat everything this morning (which I almost did because it was so good).

I haven't been to a supermarket yet. But I'm already excited to test all the gluten-free things that are available.


Kathleen Reale said...

Hi Anna-

I love your blog posting on McDonalds! I am writing a blog about McDonalds having GF buns in Sweden and will be mentioning your blog in my posting.

Woould you mind if I used the photo of the gluten free cheeseburger if I credit your blog?

Please let me know!

Be Free!

Meredith said...

I'm so jealous! LOL

I contacted McDonalds today and linked your post in my blog. Hopefully McDonalds in America will start having GF options. But I'm sure thinking Sweden for a honeymoon now!

Anna said...

Thanks for your comments! I just got back to Germany and still can't believe that I actually went to McDonalds twice and was able to have a gluten-free burger. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Burger King where you can also get gluten-free buns. But I'll definetly do it next time!

And Kathleen, you can use the photo of the gluten-free burger if you credit me! Thanks for asking!

Barbara said...

Wow, that looks and sounds amazing. I must visit Sweden! soon

dx 03/03

tinisnook said...

Yes, it is very easy beeing gluten intollerant in Sweden. I really realize that now after beeing in Barcelona for half a year and lost a lot of weight. Im soon returning to Sweden and my first meal will be a cheesburger, but those at Burger King are MUCH better! Taste like home-made!

Thanks for a great blogg.

Zoltan said...

hi Anna,
i just arrived to Stockholm 4 days ago, and already had the McDonalds cheeseburger :)
have been to Oslo and there they have it as well,
and in Burger King also, but there it is a bit more expensive than normal.

i made this group on faceboook:
feel free to join and find pictures from wherever i find glutenfree hamburgers :)

br, Zoltan

Susannah said...

Hmmm...I should go to Sweden! :) It is not very fun being gluten free and trying to eat at restraunts.


Anonymous said...

How did you like the gf bun at McD? I personally think they are HORRIBLE. But I'm glad they think and care enough to have them!

Lisa Clauset said...

Hi Anna,

I am going to Stockholm next month and need suggestions for restaurants. Did you go any where else to eat gluten free food besides McDonalds? Where did you eat for dinner? Thanks!

Anna said...

Hey Lisa,

eating gluten-free in Stockholm is really easy. Unfortunately, I can't recommend any specific restaurants. I was traveling with a group of people and just went along to any restaurant they chose. I never had any problems with getting gluten-free food. Just ask for gluten-free options and you should be fine! Don't forget to ask for gluten-free breakfast at your hotel! ;)
Enjoy Stockholm!

Gluten Free Hotels Guide said...

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Stephen said...

Bah! I am about to do some posts on Stockholm (glutenfreeways.com) -- I wish I had seen this before I went! Oh well, next time. Great post!

Anna said...

Omg this is so great! Anna, my name is Anna as well and I'm actually from Stockholm, but haven't lived in Sweden for the past 10 years and just had to go gluten-free a few months ago. So with that said, I have NO CLUE what my own country has to offer lol! I'm going to visit next month and is doing my research if I need to bring anything, but it seems so far that I should be ok. ;)

Anonymous said...


is the bread basket also from mac donalds?

i'm going on friday and have to eat egg and gluten free . not easy :)